Women Red Utility Kilt

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Women Red Utility Kilt

Women Red Utility Kilt - A deep red kilt perfect for a variety of outfits, designed with functionality in mind and made to look traditional. The long front apron is neatly designed with silver buttons, and the same shiny buttons are also used on the flaps of the side pockets. Buttons are also used to decorate the waistband of this red kilt. While the front is plain the back is pleated and has a wonderful tradition to it.

Women Red Utility Kilt Features Comprise

  • Buttons on the front apron
  • Cargo style buttoned pockets
  • Long length kilt
  • Available in different sizes

Women Red Utility Kilt Sizing/Measuring

For those who have an even size such as 30, 32, or 36, it is recommended to order that exact size. who have an even size such as 30, 32, or 36, However for those who fall in between it is more suitable to go for one size bigger, which will give a comfortable fit. If you prefer a tighter fit you could always go for one size smaller. A few kilts have a tapered slim fit, for those, it is recommended to go for the exact size or bigger size as the fit is slightly tighter than regular. (Kilt Measuring Guide)

Custom Women Red Utility Kilt

If you are looking for a waist size that is not on the list or wants a particular kind of color, then head on to our special order list. You can choose any kind of size and color modification you would like from there.

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Women Red Utility Kilt