Stylish Tweed Argyll Jacket with Vest

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Stylish Tweed Argyll Jacket with Vest

Tweed Argyll Kilt Jacket With Vest features modern functionality and a stylish appearance. It not only gives you beauty but also simplifies fashion. Tweed Argyll Jackets and highlander kilts give a fantastic look. It has the features of a square lining pattern that has a modish impact. Tweed Kilt Jackets have two flap pockets with buttons styled on both sides for a striking look. Two pockets are made on the inner sides of the jackets for storing your essentials. The handkerchief pocket on the Jacket adds a finishing touch. On the shoulder and sleeves, straps are styled uniquely with buttons that give an eye-catching look. If you want to wear the Jacket for a wedding or any other function, this tweed jacket is the perfect option. The V-shaped waistcoat is styled with five buttons in the centre to close the waistcoat. A waistcoat also comes with two side pockets to access personal essentials easily.

You also customize your size by choice, select the perfect accessories for your outfit, and give it a lovely look. We provide quality jackets at a low price. So place your order now to get this versatile Jacket and enjoy your event happily.

Features Comprise:

  • Fully functional Jacket with pockets
  • Perfect for special occasions and events
  • It can be used in a variety of ways
  • Fully customizable to your needs
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Stylish Tweed Argyll Jacket with Vest