Solid Black Tartan Kilt

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Solid Black Tartan Kilt

Solid black Tartan Kilt is a simple kilt and features a sophisticated appearance. It is suitable for casual and formal wear to match any kilt. It would be a great addition to your wardrobe. It also fits your personality due to its timeless style and impressive effect. It is black all around and features a simple plain front apron. It has an unstitched border that gives it a classic look. On both sides of the waistline, it has adjustable leather straps with rust-free buckles. These original leather straps are used to fasten the kilt properly. A pleated pattern on the rear gives a traditional feel

An exceptional quality Acrylic wool material is used to manufacture the Black Tartan Kilt. This quality material makes it comfortable for long-day wear and enhances its longevity. We offer it at a low price to make it accessible for every budget. You can purchase it in your size because it is handmade, and you get a kilt that fits you perfectly. It can be worn in Scottish weddings, Traditional festivals, and other special parties. It is also a preferable choice for outdoor outings or street walks. Order now to get this fabulous garment that will elevate your style.

Design and Specifications:

  • Material: Acrylic Wool.
  • Style: Traditional.
  • Fabric: Tartan.
  • Type: Fashion/Casual
  • Front Apron: Plain
  • Backside: Pleated design
  • Pattern: Check pattern.
  • Pattern colour: Black.
  • Availability: All sizes.

Size and Measurement:

If your waist size has an even number, such as 30, 32, or 36, order your correct size. In other cases, order one larger size for a better, more comfortable fit. If you prefer a tighter fit, order one size smaller than yours. Please order one size larger or your exact size for tapered slim-fit kilts because it will fit you more than the regular ones. If you don’t know your size or are confused about size measurement, we offer Kilt Measuring Guide


  • In some cases, the colour shade may vary between the patterns. We try our best to deliver the product in the same colour as in the picture on our website. If a few changes happen, we request some shade fluctuation.
  • If your required tartan is unavailable on our list, you can contact us through Online Chat or Email. Our Customer support team will help you to get your demanded tartan.
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Solid Black Tartan Kilt