Scottish Thistle Kilt Pin with Chrome Finish

Scottish Thistle Kilt Pin is made with pure silver steel material, which is durable and rust-free. The primary purpose of the kilt pin is to prevent the front apron from falling or blowing open by adding weight to the apron. This Pin comes in a standard size of up to 4 inches. You can use this kilt pin on different casual and formal occasions. It is the ideal and best-suited addition to your kilt to add some stylish appearance.

This kilt pin is shaped like a sword and Thistle Kilt Pin . It is an essential accessory which can be attached to any outfit or kilt. You stuck this Pin through a hook on the back side of the Pin. This Thistle Kilt Pin can be fastened on the bottom apron on the right side. It is the most common and traditional piece of accessories worn on kilts. You can buy these Pin accessories at a discounted price, so order now and enjoy your events with our premium-quality accessories.

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Scottish Thistle Kilt Pin with Chrome Finish