Royal Stewart Hat

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Royal Stewart Hat

Royal Stewart Hat features a striking checkered pattern with its red base. It includes small yellow and white lines running vertically and horizontally through the cap. These double lines make a square in a blue box and also show the black lines. It is made with pure Acrylic wool that helps you to keep your head warm during winter. The design of the hat is very attractive. Traditionally, it comes with a red pompom on its top with a black ribbon hanging downwards. The bottom of the hat has a black fabric finish that makes it an amazing traditional accessory.

Royal Stewart Tartan Hat is a part of the Scottish dress. Whether it is a traditional event or a formal gathering, you can wear it. It is also suitable to wear during snow falling or cold outside. It is handmade and available at a reasonable price. You can also make a good combination with the tartan outfit. Order now to get a distinctive hat that is a symbol of Scottish pride and culture.

Design and Specifications:

  • Retro triangular design
  • Decorated with a red pompom
  • Has two black ribbons on the back
  • Available in different sizes
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Royal Stewart Hat